Best Bathtub Faucets Reviews 2019

Best Bathtub Faucets Reviews And Buying Guide in 2020

You definitely do not want to wait for ages for your bathtub to fill up. Nor do you want it to look ridiculous with a faucet that doesn’t match it. Therefore, the main functional elements of a bathtub, the tub faucet has to be selected very carefully. And obviously, you will try to select the best bathtub faucets for you.

In order to choose the best bathtub faucets for your home, you have to keep the basic factors that matter in your mind. Also, you should check a few faucets to get your judgment better. We aim to make both of these tasks easy for you with our Best Bath Faucets article. Let’s get started.

Best Bathtub Faucets Buying Guide

Here are the factors you should keep in mind while looking for the best bathtub faucet:

Your Bathtub Style

Knowing which faucet suits your bathtub really narrows your choices down. You do not want an oversized faucet for a small-sized bathtub. Nor do you want a faucet that doesn’t look good or suit your plumbing requirements. Therefore, know your bathtub style first.

Also, you have to look into completely different categories if your tub requires a shower faucet as well.

Finish and material

When it comes to material, choose a durable and robust one. But, when it comes to the finish, give extra attention to the looks as well. You should buy the faucet with a finish that you prefer. Whether its chrome, bronze or gold finish that your faucet should have is completely up to you.


If you have a big bathtub, you would want it to fill up quickly. So, check the maximum water flow and size of the faucet for this. Moreover, the distance the spout can reach is also a big factor.

Temperature control

The temperature of the bathing water is quite important. You want easy and efficient handles to get the perfect temperature for your bath. It’s completely up to you whether it’s a single handle or double handle the faucet should have.

Top 5 Best Bathtub Faucets reviews in 2020


KES Brass Freestanding Bathtub Faucet

If your bathtub needs both a hand shower and a filling faucet, the KES Brass would be a great choice. In fact, the title has already given off its material- Brass. Well, almost all good companies use Brass in faucet construction because of its reliability and durability. Therefore, besides it provides you with an assurance of long-time usage.

KES Brass Freestanding Bathtub Faucet

Its bright chrome finish gives your bathroom a beautiful, modern look. Apart from being extremely good-looking, this faucet also services well. The shower hose it comes with is 59 inches in length which are very convenient for use and better than what other brands provide.

Having a Stainless Steel rust-free finish, the hand shower also has clog-free nozzles. These nozzles help you get better water pressure. Also, it comes with a Ceramic Disc Cartridge type of Valve.

It’s in-floor mounting style and quite easy to install.


  • A beauty with efficiency
  • Inter-locking technology makes it tough
  • Long hose
  • Good water pressure


  • Too heavy to carry yourself
  • All installation supplies not included


Rozin Oil Rubbed Bronze

You will definitely be amazed by how good this faucet looks! At least I obviously am! Apparently, I would have bought it even if it did not perform well. But, fortunately, it does perform well. This wonderful faucet is also made of Brass completely assuring durability with less maintenance hassle. Moreover, the oil-rubbed Bronze finish only adds to its good looks.

Rozin Oil Rubbed Bronze

Like most faucets, it requires three widespread holes for the faucet and the two handles for temperature control. The elegant faucet provides water in a waterfall-like manner which adds to its aesthetic character. So, you would definitely like to spend hours in the bathtub after a tiring day with this faucet glorifying the tub.

It makes your work faster with the great water flow. Also, the valve it uses is made of Ceramic. You can control the water temperature quite well. It also does not let the water drip with its tactful design and build.


  • Excellent looks
  • Waterfall-type design
  • Durable materials used in construction
  • Affordable


  • Not very easy installation
  • No shower hose included


Moen Eva Two-Handle High-Arc

If you want enough space between your faucet and bathtub, the Moen Eva High Arc Faucet gives you exactly that. The efficiently projected high arc swan-like faucet gives you enough room for clearance. With this faucet, you will get both your desired looks and functions.

Moen Eva Two-Handle High-Arc

It comes with two handles for adjusting the temperature. Therefore, makes this task very easy. Many sites sell it with the valve that is compatible with it- the M-PACT valve. However, buying the valve separately is cheaper. Because of the valve, you can easily update it later on without having to touch the plumbing part. Moreover, it does fine with widespread installation up to 8 or 16 inches. On a similar note, it’s quite easy to install as well.

The Life Shine finish comprising of brushed nickel and a touch of chrome protects the faucet against corrosion, tarnish and flakes. This faucet also has a decent water pressure delivering 1.2 gallons per minute.


  • High arc swan-like spout
  • Decent water pressure of 1,2 GPM
  • Easily upgradable
  • Good finish
  • Water Sense labeled
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The package does not include all the required parts


Delta Foundations BT2796 Roman Tub Trim

Looking to adorn your bathroom with a traditional look? Delta Foundations BT2796 is willing to do exactly that. This faucet is dual handled to ease your temperature control chores. Therefore, it requires 3 holes on the sink with an 8-16 inch installation width.

Delta Foundations BT2796 Roman Tub Trim

Made of robust, durable materials, this faucet has never disappointed customers in case of its build. Also, the efficiency with which it works filling your tub is remarkable. A customer complained of the water pressure and volume being too fast. But, in most cases, customers prefer the last fill-up. However, if you are not ok with it, a different aerator would solve this problem.

The accuracy of which you will be able to control the temperature to bring it to your desired level is also quite praiseworthy. In fact, you do not want to spend too much time on getting the correct water temperature and this faucet doesn’t let you either. Let's see the Pros and Cons of the best bathtub faucets.


  • Great build of durable materials
  • Traditional finish
  • Great water volume and pressure
  • Warranty
  • Easy to clean


  • Sometimes comes without parts


Green Spring Wall Mount Faucet

Being totally made of Brass, this Green spring Faucet assures you durability and performance. It has a commercial, proportionate look that is suitable for both your home and hotel. The chrome finish also assures corrosion and tarnish free service. Besides, it comes with high-quality silicon rubber joint rings.

Green Spring Wall Mount Faucet

Apart from the strong build, it won’t make you cry with long-lasting bad performance. This faucet assures you a good and comfortable time with it. Apparently, it comes with two Brass handles for making the task of controlling temperature easy for you. As a result, you can get your required temperature without much effort. Moreover, the drip-free cartridge it comes with assures smooth and not-messy operation.

Being a wall mount faucet, it requires only one hole for installation making the process very easy. Also, its water pressure is also tested leaving no worries about low water volume or pressure.


  • Sturdy and efficient design
  • Durable construction materials
  • Two handles for temperature control
  • Easy to use and install
  • Drip-free cartridge
  • Good water pressure


  • Does not come with installation instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does the spout continue to drip for a while after I turn it off?

Answer: Fortunately, there’s no need to worry about it. It’s just the spout emptying the left-over water drops in it.

2. Do I need to buy a floor mount tub filler part?

Answer: You will need to plumb in hot and cold 1/4" male threaded Naples for the water lines to screw into.


In fact, a bathtub or a sink faucet is not an appliance to neglect while buying. Because these faucets become part of your daily activities. Though their function ends in the bathroom, its effects remain on you throughout the day. If you have a hard time using the faucet in the morning, the irritation sticks with you for the rest of your day. Therefore, in order to let the faucet make your day rather than ruining it, choose the faucet very careful while buying. Hopefully, our article should have given you an idea of the factors to consider and some of the best bathtub faucets. If you think our this article best bathtub faucets reviews are helpful please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading!

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