Best Bathroom Faucets Reviews

Best bathroom faucets reviews

I am gonna write an article about the best bathroom faucets reviews. But why? Read the article carefully hope you will get the best answer. Let’s start…

According to me the most important place in the house is the bathroom. You can easily do all other functions like sleeping, eating at any free space around the house. But, when it comes to taking a bath or relieving yourself, you have nowhere to go but the bathroom. So, it’s quite understandable how important a bathroom is.

Apparently, the second most important appliance of the bathroom after a commode in the bathroom faucet. When you want to refresh and clean yourself up, a faulty, inefficient bathroom faucet can totally get on your nerves with its shortcomings. In this article, we are gonna write about the best bathroom faucets reviews 2018, we also try to give some idea about some best bathroom faucets with good feature.

Therefore, you must be very careful while buying this appliance that will supposedly accompany you daily for a lifetime. In order to help you choose the most suitable bathroom faucet that will totally live up to its price, we are pointing out some factors you should look into and 5 best bathroom faucets reviews.

Keep these things in mind to ensure that you are buying the perfect bathroom faucet:

1.  Narrow your choice down

Since bathroom faucets come at different prices, you definitely have a price range in mind that you want to buy from. Therefore, firstly, choose the products that fall within your price range. Definitely, choose the ones that provide the best value for the price.

Then, find the ones that are fit for your bathroom sink type. There are various things to consider while deciding if the faucet is fit for the sink. Like, a number of holes required, size of the faucet and also the type. The type mainly includes- center set, single-hole, vessel, wall-mounted, well-spread, etc.

So, with the minimized number of faucets to check out, your task will become much easier and more thorough.

2. Does the faucet height and width fit the sink?

If your faucet is too big for your sink, it will get hard to handle and clean over time. On the contrary, if it’s too small, it would look disproportionate on the sink. So, you have to carefully check if the size of the faucet is alright for your sink.

3. Match your faucet with the bathroom décor

You definitely do not want a bright faucet in a dark bathroom or a modern one in a traditional bathroom. Therefore, check the color and style of the faucet before buying. Faucets are available in different styles and colors with the same functionality. Since you are buying it for good, do not neglect this little matter. Otherwise, it will fall heavy on your discomfort later on.

4. How many holes does it need?

This is one of the most important factors to consider. Your bathroom sink definitely comes with a certain type of setting. In fact, these settings can be adjusted to the faucets needs. However, that is a tedious task to add to the busy schedule. Therefore, buy a faucet that matches your sink configurations.

Faucets usually require either one hole or three holes. Single handle faucets usually require single holes while dual handle, center set, and widespread faucets require three holes. You can also read Best Shower System Reviews.

5. Does it meet the Plumbing Requirements?

Just like the holes, your sink is suitable for one certain type of plumbing line. It predetermines the process how it’s going to hook up with the faucet. This is also quite adjustable but very tedious. Therefore, suit your faucet to the sinks requirement. You can easily find a faucet that fits your sink. However, you cannot make your sink fit for your faucet that easily.

6. Does it have a good finish?

The finish of the faucet will affect the overall look of your bathroom. Therefore, choose a faucet with a good finish. A finish that looks good also lasts well. Go for faucets with stainless steel finish with some additional features like spot-resistance. Also, take care that the finish doesn’t corrode or tarnish.

7. How does it operate?

Bathroom faucets are three types-

#Single Handle uses only one handle to control hot and cold water.

#Dual Handle uses two different handles to control hot and cold water.

#Hands-Free: Doesn’t require handles but just a touch on a particular area of the faucet to work. They are however more expensive.

8. How easy is it to install?

You obviously do not want to spend hours installing your bathroom faucet. Also, you do not want to spend more money on hiring a person who would do it for you. Therefore, to save money and time, buy a faucet that’s easy to install. You can also read How to Install a Single Handle Shower Faucets.

Best Bathroom Faucets Reviews

Here are the best 5 Bathroom Faucets Reviews with good feature :

# Premier Faucet 284446 Sanibel Lead-Free

If you want to impress your visitors with the spectacular looking faucet and then surprise them with the price, Premier 284446 Sanibel is the one you should buy. It is cheaper than most other faucets that function so well and look so good.

Without any delay, let us tell you the fact that this faucet is suitable for both single and triple holes. Moreover, it has an optional deck plate. Its spout is designed to let water out like in a waterfall. It looks classic but gives the feel and works with the style of a modern appliance. Also, it gives you a number of finishes to choose from- Chrome and Bronze. Therefore, leaves you with no worries about the looks.

It’s also safe for your health as it is constructed of lead-free materials. Moreover, it reduces water consumption and can save about 700 gallons of water per year from average households. Nevertheless, it doesn’t slow down its speed. The water flows at 1.5 GPM. Here are the Pros and Cons of the best bathroom faucets.


The ceramic disc cartridge and the brass construction makes this faucet durable.

Good value for the price.

Suitable for both 1 and 3-hole sinks.

Easy to install.



Water pressure is not much.

# Moen T943ORB-4792 Eva Two-Handle

Moen T943ORB gives you a service you will enjoy coming with its 4792 valves. It comes with a high-arc swan-like spout and two cute petals like levers that compliments your bathroom. Your visitors will surely leave with a good impression of your taste after having seen this faucet in your bathroom.

In fact, it arrives in three finishes- oil brushed bronze will give your bathroom an antiqued look, the reflective chrome finish will give a glamorous look and the brushed nickel will give a satisfying stainless appearance.  So, you will surely have a good faucet that suits your bathroom décor.

It’s quite easy to install as well. The sink must have three holes for getting attached to this faucet. Moreover, you can easily upgrade the faucet from time to time without any difficulty of touching the plumbing sector because of the M-PACT System it comes with.

Lastly, you can control the water temperature and flow very easily with the two handles. Let’s see the Pros and Cons of one of the best bathroom faucets.


Very good-looking.

Easy to handle.

Easy to set up.

Can be upgraded easily.

Comes with warranty.


Many customers complained of not receiving all the parts it claims to include.

# Pfister Jaida Single Control 4′′Centerset Bathroom Faucet

If you are looking for a faucet that will give you a natural and aesthetic feel with its waterfall style besides effective and efficient performance with assurance. The Pfister Jaida Bathroom Faucet will be a great choice. Its trough-style spout does not make a mess even when you use the faucet at a high speed.

It looks really great with both the polished chrome and the Brushed Nickel finishes it is available in. Moreover, its sleek and traditional styling gives this faucet a stylish look that suits any bathroom.

Besides being easy to install, it’s quite convenient for installation as it can do with both one-hole sinks and three-hole sinks. It also assures durability and quality with its forever seal that makes it leak-proof. Also, it makes itself more convenient for use by coming with a drain pop-up. Sealing your sink becomes only a task of pushing a button. Why we pick it up for the best bathroom faucets? you will be okay when you read the pros and cons of the best bathroom faucets reviews.


Leak-proof build with Pforever Seal ceramic disc valve.

Decorative and natural spout.

Suitable for both one-holed and three-holed sinks.

Easy to upgrade and set-up.

Comes with a drain pop-up.

Comes with a limited warranty.


Does not have the best water pressure.

# Delta 3597LF-PNMPU Cassidy Two Handle Bathroom Faucet

A fusion of modern technology and classic looks for your bathroom. Delta 3597LF-PNMPU faucet ensure both good looks and efficiency with its build and features. It has a feminine structure and is elegantly detailed. Available in multiple finishes like polished nickel, chrome, champagne bronze, stainless, and Venetian bronze, it easily meets your need for a suitable faucet for your bathroom.

Apparently, it requires three-hole sinks for set-up. It’s quite easy to set-up with the instruction provided with it. Moreover, it comes with a metal drain pop-up system. The water flow has a good speed of 1.5 GPM.

WaterSense program has labeled it as a faucet that’s water-efficient and also safe for use. Therefore, you can rest assured about the quality and efficiency of this faucet since an organization which protects you has certified it.

As it comes with two handles, the task of controlling water temperature becomes very easy. Moreover, this faucet features mechanisms like rotating cylinder control mechanisms with ceramic discs and 180-degree rotation including quarter turn handle stops. Let’s see the pros and cons of one of the best bathroom faucets. Let’s see the pros and cons of the best bathroom faucets. You can also read our article about the best kitchen faucet reviews 2018


Easy to use and install.

Meets EPA standards for WaterSense and efficiency standards for CalGreen.

ADA compliant.



Leaks may occur.

You might have to buy an extension kit.

# Angular Modern Single Handle Lavatory Faucet

If you are not into the classic or antique style of faucets, here’s one faucet that will be able to satisfy you with its modern vibes. Moreover, if you want a spacious sink and minimum space consumption by the faucet, this is still would be the perfect choice for you. It arrives in two finishes- chrome and stainless finish and does not look out of place in your bathroom.

Besides satisfying your aesthetic needs, it also satisfies your materialistic and logical needs. It performs well with a speed of 1.5 GPM. Apparently, this helps you to use water efficiently. Therefore, this faucet makes sure that you conserve as much water as you can.

Apart from the looks and performance, this faucet is also very easy to set up and use. It is suitable for both single-holed and three-holed sinks. So, you do not have to worry about a difficult set-up process. Moreover, its inner part is corrosion resistant. Therefore, it also assures you maximum safety. Because of that, it is one of the best bathroom faucets.


Modern outlook.

Water-efficient performance.

Easy to handle.

Minimum space consumption.

Easy set-up.



Not many varieties of finishes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  How to clean American Standard faucets?

Answer: It’s quite simple. Just rinse it clean with clear water and dry it completely. Keep in mind that you have to dry it properly to avoid stains.

2.  What is the length of a standard tailpiece?

Answer: Most faucets come with tailpieces of 4 inches. That’s considered standard.

3.  What is Ceramic Disc Valve?

Answer: The Ceramic Disc Valve is an innovative technology to improve the efficiency of the water controlling system. These smooth and hard valves being unaffected by temperature and other constraints regulate the water flow by gliding back and forth in an airtight seal. Consequently, it provides you with a life-long drip-free and maintenance-free service.

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As a bathroom faucet is a sensitive appliance of the bathroom, you have to be extra careful about buying it. Hopefully, our guide and the best bathroom faucets reviews have at least walk you through the most important features that you cannot do without. So, it’s up to you now. Choose the faucet of your choice and make sure it fulfills the needs of each criterion. You will definitely end up with the most suitable faucet after so much effort. You can also read our latest post about Best Bathtub Faucets Reviews 2018.

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