The Best Way To Clean Gutters Easily

The Best Way To Clean Gutters Easily- 3 Simple Steps

Imagine sipping coffee while sitting on an easy chair at the corner of your porch, enjoying the rain as it falls on your well-maintained garden when suddenly a heap of water gushes down from your roof. That does not sound very nice anymore, right?

Your clogged gutter will surely cause a lot of unwanted intrusions and mishaps, including a good chance to severely damage the foundations.

Plus, cleaning gutters is a messy business that includes a lot of ladder moving, murky water and gunk removing, and disposing of dead leaves.

Sounds unpleasant? Worry no more as this article contains the best way to clean gutters. Read on to know more.

Best Way to Clean Gutters Easily

Here, I will show you the easiest way to clean gutters broken down in steps below;

Step 1: Choose the Right Tools

Before even starting, the right tools are equally as important as the cleaning itself. And, the most important component in cleaning the gutter is the ladder. A sturdy and long enough ladder is required and, a ladder stabilizer is highly recommended as it is very likely that the ground on which the ladder will stand is going to be uneven.

Next, wearing the right attire is essential. The gutters contain gunk, dead leaves, and pungent water that are infested by millions of germs. So wearing full-sleeved clothes, work pants and gloves is essential.

The last and not least are the tools themselves. And the best cleaners for gutters are the KrudKutter and the Gutter Getter that are easily available in the market.

Step 2: Start Cleaning

Initially, a small trap is set up, right beneath your workplace, to ensure none of the waste falls on the ground. Then the ladder is set up on a stabilizer, ensuring an even platform. Now just get on the ladder and start from any corner.

No absolute method exists on how to clean the gutters fast but, assessing the condition and making a plan on how the cleaning is going to be executed is a good way to start. Then begin the cleaning by removing dead leaves with your hands.

Gunk, the most troublesome part, is hidden underneath the layer of leaves. Justgrab as many leaves as possible and dump them in the trap preventing any harm done to your landscape or plantations. The easiest way to clean the gutters is by scooping out the gunk and remaining waste. This is were the Gutter Getter comes into play.

Weighing only a pound, the Gutter Getter is very sturdy, making it one of the best products to allow an easy gutter cleaning experience. It comes with two extension rods for a higher reach and a poking contraption that unclogs the gutter’s downspouts.

Let's focus on cleaning now. Pick any corner and start scooping all the gunk and waste. Make sure that you have thoroughly removed most of the gunk and waste from the section of your choice before moving to the other one. Dump the waste after each scoop on the trap and after a good amount has piled up, dump them.

Nowadays, electrical gutter cleaners or long gutter cleaners are available. But using them is not a good idea as they are a little inefficient and messy.

How to Clean Gutters on a Two Story House?

  • ​One of the easiest ways to do that is using a high-pressure water hose and setting a trap. And, the KrudKutter is a great choice for the purpose.
  • ​Turn the knob on the Kutter to clean mode.
  • ​The water gushing out from it kicks all the waste from the gutter and the trap which has been placed in such a way that it can catch the waste.
  • ​Patience and steady rinsing are important in this method.

Cleaning High Gutters:

  • ​Set a trap across your workplace so that all the waste material falls on it.
  • ​Make sure that you have the right tool with a good reach. The Ezy Flo Gutter Cleaning kit can go from 6 feet to 15 feet and is perfect for the job.
  • ​After extending to the required height, just fix the gunk in your gutter and slide.
  • ​Thoroughly ensure that all the gunk and waste has been removed before moving on to the next part.
  • ​After a good amount has piled up on your trap, empty it, and repeat the whole process until you reach the end of the house.

​Step 3: Final Touch

After a long day of cleaning, most of the gunk and waste will be scooped off. Now's the time to bring out the KrudKutter.

The KrudKutter is a masterpiece when cleaning the remaining waste. Just attach your hose to one end and turn the knob of the Kutter to cleaning mode, turning it into a jet spray.

Point it towards your gutter and the powerful pressure from it will instantly kick remaining waste to the ground. All that you need to do is collect and dump. If your feeling lazy, then the Kutter can also be used to clean gutters without a ladder. But it is highly recommended to avoid it.


Cleaning the gutters sounds like the most unattractive type of chore and, without a doubt, it is. Apart from that, it’s a lengthy process. But once you have a good grasp, it won’t seem that bad.

​And hopefully, this article has helped you in improving as well as simplifying the cleaning process. Just keep your patience and follow the instructions; you will surely see the best results.

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  1. Rachel Frampton

    February 22, 2020 at 9:39 am

    My gutters are easily filled with filth and leaves. I’ll keep in mind to set trap across the workplace so all the waste material will fall in it. Although I’ve been thinking, maybe a seamless gutter would be easier to clean.


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