Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

While buying any kitchen appliance, you need to be very careful. Because you are buying it for long-term purpose and for accomplishing onerous tasks of daily life. You must want to buy kitchen faucets from the best kitchen faucet brands. Also because you do not want to be irritated daily and feel the need for a better appliance. Now you are going to read our complete reviews of the best kitchen faucets brand.

When you buy an appliance as important as a kitchen faucet, you need to check that you are buying it from a reliable and top-notch brand. That’s exactly what our today’s article is about the best kitchen faucet brands.

Few factors that you should judge best kitchen faucet brands by:


The older a brand is the more experienced its service is. Therefore, prefer brands that have been big players in the kitchen faucet business for a long time by earning the customers trust.

#Current Status

You should not blindly trust a brand that was popular for its quality products 3-5 years ago. Check the current reviews about the brand to find out whether it’s still holding up the high-performance or not.


If you look deeply into the business, you will find many brands selling the same quality products as other brands but at a higher price rate because of the brand name. However, what should matter to you is the quality and the cost-effective price. You should not go for the high-price only because of the famous brand.

#Innovative Features

There are so many kitchen faucet brands that any brand does not have a vintage feature, it won’t exist for long. Therefore, look into the unique features these brands add to their products not only to attract the customer but also to improve one certain task. Then, choose the brand that suits your needs most. You can also read the best touchless kitchen faucets reviews.


You should choose a brand that uses top-notch, durable materials in construction and also skillfully builds up the appliance with minimum faults.

If you judge all the things above then you can easily find the best kitchen faucets brands easily.

Here Are A Few Words On The Kitchen Faucets From The Best Brands

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# Delta 19922-SSSD-DST

If you prefer faucets that can clean all around your sink, then Delta 19922-SSSD-DST  is one option for consideration. What makes this kitchen faucet stand out from other faucet brands is the ability of its High-arc spout to rotate 360 degrees without any strain. This Delta is the best kitchen faucet brands in the modern age.

Apart from this special feature, the faucet performs the general functions quite well also. It’s a single-handled faucet with a soap dispenser. You will be extremely satisfied with the case it provides when cleaning any kind of the mess. As it comes with 3 spraying modes, you can clean any kind of mess on any size of the pot without any difficulty.

Delta 19922-SSSd-DST does not fall short on looks either. Indeed, it’s a stylish faucet with a bell-shaped base and wand that helps adorn the place it stays in. moreover, you will find it available in various colors to suit your kitchen theme.

Most importantly, with so many features to give, this faucet is not at all difficult to install. Your plumber will be quite happy working with it and so will you as you will rarely face problems while maintaining it.


360-degree swivel rotation.

3 spray modes.


Soap dispenser not made of strong material.

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# Moen 7175CSL

Moen is one of the best kitchen faucet brands and this is another facet that will provide you with the flexibility to clean any size of pot and sink. Unlike, the first faucet which uses the rotation degree to clean large areas, the Moen 7175CSL uses Moen’s reflex technology to accomplish that task.

In fact, the reflex technology makes it easier to extend, maneuver and dock the pull-down spray wand. As a result, you can rinse the dishes very easily. Also, it features a high-arc spout to clean even better with a 1.5 GPM water flow.

Moreover, the appliances of this company are checked after manufacture and certified by Water Sense and ADA standards. Therefore, you can be sure it’s safe for use and also water efficient. It, in fact, has a pause system to stop water flow in case of inactivity.

The Hydro-lock Quick Connect system makes this faucet easy to install and operate. Apart from providing you with all these wonderful features, Moen-7175CSl does not fall back on its looks after so much stress either.

You can consider it a beauty with brains, as besides having the Life-shine finish that can complement any kind of kitchen, it also resists corrosion, tarnish and stain.

Because of that, this is one of the best kitchen faucet brands.


Ease of use through Reflex technology.

Life-shine Finish.


Splash issues.

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# Kraus KPF-1612

Krause is also known for the best kitchen faucet brands. If you deal with sticky messes often and need a heavy duty faucet that can easily clean the mess, KPF-1612 is the way to go. The most remarkable feature this faucet offers is its ability to work in two modes- high pressure and low pressure. Apparently, the high-pressure mode that allows a maximum pressure of 2.2 GPM will leave no trace of the mess that ruins your day. Also, you can control the temperature with much ease after a few uses. Read also the Best Kitchen Faucets Reviews 2018

Krause KPE-1612 faucet is made of high-quality, durable materials like Brass with a great triple chrome finish. The ceramic drip-free cartridge helps to maintain a decent flow rate of water. Moreover, the faucet head makes work and installation easy by having the ability to turn 180 degrees. It also retracts to its home automatically when released. It also follows the USA industry standards and is leak-resistant.

The faucet has a somewhat commercial look and suitable for any modern looking kitchen. Its stylish and efficient features easily attract the guests and force them to ask about it.N ow see the pros and cons of the best kitchen faucet brands.


Highly efficient dual mode.

Spout rotation of 180 degrees.

Lifetime warranty.


A small mistake in installation can create major problems.

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# Delta 9159-DST

Previously we said Delta is the best kitchen faucet brands so that here we review one more delta faucets for you. Delta products rarely disappoint customers and it will be quite evident now. Apparently, the first Delta product we reviewed had the special feature of the spouts ability to rotate 360 degrees. Delta 9159-DST faucet includes this feature along with other features that make cleaning not only the dishes easy but also the faucet itself.

It has an ergonomic, sleek, stylish and durable build. One of the four finishes- Chrome, Arctic Stainless, Champagne Bronze, and Matte Black will definitely suit your kitchen well. In order to prevent leaks and other mishaps, this faucet uses Diamond Seal technology in its construction. 

The feature of Touch-clean Spray holes requires only rinses to keep the faucet free from mineral buildup. Therefore, it cleans itself. Moreover, the Magnetite Dock system secures the dock in place by using a magnet automatically when not in use. That’s why it also called the best kitchen faucet brands.

Lastly, this faucet with so many features is very easy to install with its suitability to both single and three-holed sinks. It has two modes- spray and stream and a hose of 54 inches.


360-degree rotating spout.

TouchClean spray to reduce mineral buildup.

MagnaTite for dock security.


Low water flow.

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# Danze D455158SS

Here we pick our last best kitchen faucet brands. If your main concern is ease of use with great, unique looks then Danze has the faucet for you. The Danze D455158SS single handled model will fulfill your aesthetic needs with its sleek, crisp design. Its Stainless Steel and Chrome finishes further improves its looks. When it comes to ease of use, this faucet provides you with spring type spout and neck that makes cleaning easier. Moreover, it allows you the luxury of having two spray modes to work with- Spray and Aerated Stream modes.

The spout has a good enough reach being 10 inches long with 22-3/4 inches high. Apparently, this faucet keeps your work drip-free and smooth with its durable ceramic valves. Also, the materials used are resistant to leaks and corrosion.

Lastly, to assure your safety, this faucet has both Low-Lead com-pliancy and meets the ADA standards. Let’s see the Pros and Cons of one of the best kitchen faucet brands.


Unique, aesthetic design.

Two efficient spray modes.

Drip-free operation.

Limited Lifetime warranty.


Nozzle seems to be tilted in its holder.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What increases the costs of the faucets from a few brands?

Answer: It’s mostly the better finish of a brand that makes it cost higher than other brands. Cheaper brands usually have unattractive, less durable and not corrosive-resistant finishes. While the better brands do. It is completely fine to choose a faucet with an average price but does not go for cheap ones.

You will gradually find that the once-high price of a facet of any company decreases when newer models come out.

Here is the short video by which you will find more information about the best kitchen faucets brands:


A few big players have always dominated the Kitchen faucet business. We mentioned only a few of the products of the famous brands in this Best Kitchen Faucet Brands article. However, you can see that we had to review two products from the same brand. Likewise, if you explore more, you will find that the best products come from a few constant brands periodically. So, you can understand what an important role knowing about these brands play. Choose wisely and research widely! See you until next time! You can also check Best Kitchen Faucets Reviews 2018.

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