Best Kitchen Faucets Reviews 2019

Best Kitchen Faucets Reviews And Guide in 2020

In every house, a faucet and a sink are fundamentals of a kitchen.  Are you moving into a new house and are looking for a stylish faucet to go with your stunning furniture? Or are you simply looking for a faucet that not only looks good but also gets the job done better than others? If you answered positively to any one of the questions, then this article is definitely for you.

We went through the best kitchen faucets reviews 2020 just to make this article for you. We have 7 different faucets here which are sure to catch your eye and please you with their outstanding performance. With that being said, ladies and gentleman, let’s get started.

The 7 Best Kitchen Faucets Reviews Of 2020


​moen 7594ESRS

Often Faucets get stained with fingerprints and water spots. This faucet is stainless and therefore you do not have to worry about such a nuisance. It also enhances the smooth operation of brand new technology, as it is furnished with a Reflex System. Thus this eases mobility and ensures that you can remove or fix the spray head safely according to your needs. You can change the spray settings simply with the touch of a button. The faucet can also be installed easily due to the Duralock connect system.

Moen 7594ESRS

The docking mechanism also has minimum pullout and pull-down resistance. We live in an age of smartphones and smartwatches. Now you have a smart faucet to go with all your advanced technologies as well. Motion sensors are present in the faucet. As a result, you do not always have to turn a knob to get the job done. In order to get the water running, all you need to do is a simple hand gesture.

This is one facet that does the job for you. To make it more efficient a spray wand is available which is easy to use and extend. The hose has tremendous flexibility and therefore provides you with easy maneuverability. The spray wand is not difficult to control. After use, it automatically returns to its docking position. And not to mention, you can install it through 1 hole or 3. According to the best kitchen faucets reviews that we have been through, this particular faucet tops the lists.


​delta faucet 9192-AR-DST

​Delta Faucet is well known for their style and durability. They have been on the market long enough to cement their position in history. These faucets can fit in either 1 or 3 holes. An escutcheon is also included. Spray wands are handy when it comes to faucets. Not all provide you with such an option. Delta Magna Tite docking spray wands are present which snap exactly into position when you need them to. Often the cleaning can be difficult. Touch receptors are present making the cleaning process very easy.

Delta Faucet 9192-AR-DST

So you do not have to go through the burden of brushing and scrubbing. The heads are also fixed in most faucets and therefore the range of water spreading is limited. In this faucet, the spout can be rotated 360 degrees and therefore gets the full access to the sink. It is also important has control over the flow of water.

This faucet gives you the opportunity to choose whether you want the water to flow out in a spray or steam form or in high power. The pull-down spray wants measures about 62 inches in length and gives an additional 20-inch reach. The water supply connection is about 3/8 inch and the clearance to backsplash is about 2.5 inches. The best kitchen faucets reviews all praise the product for its immense capabilities.


​delta 9178-AR-DST

​Manufactured in the United States of America, this faucet by Delta is one of the best kitchen faucets out there on the market today. According to the best kitchen faucets reviews that we have been through, this faucet popped up more often than not. This too, like the previous, has a Magna Tite docking system. As a result, a magnet is used to automatically hold the spray wand in place when it is not being used and does not fall or droop like other faucets. Clever thinking.

Delta 9178-AR-DST

In order to clean up the waste that accumulates, all you need is a touch of your finger. A simple touch activates the soft Touch Clean which is made up of rubber to clean away the filth. It wipes away any remaining buildup leaving it clean to your satisfaction. The faucet also features Diamond Seal Technology. This makes the faucet less of a hassle during installation and also ensures that the faucet does not fail to deliver as promised.

Performance is guaranteed for years and leakage is prevented. Is that not what we all want in a faucet or any product for that matter? Durability! So with such a feature, chances are this faucet will last twice the time any normal faucet from the market would. Just like the above two mentioned, this too can be installed in either 1 or 3 holes, according to the user’s preference. With amazing ergonomic. so we can say that Delta 9178-AR-DST is the best kitchen faucets.


​kohler k-596-CP

​This faucet is fully constructed of metal and also manufactured in the United States of America. With a picture-perfect design and finish this is undoubtedly one of the best faucets out there according to the best kitchen faucets reviews that we have read. This faucet is a treat to stare at with its admirable and elegant design. The head can be rotated 360 degrees and therefore you can spray water at every nook and crannies of your kitchen sink. This feature also gives the user a versatile of functions.

Kohler K-596-CP

The faucet is easy to use and can is a single control. For minimum counter clutter this has only one hole drilling option. There are 3 functions available in the faucet, namely being spraying water normally which can be used for cleaning trays, pantry, etc. an aerated flow or stream of water which is perfect for filling in pots, etc. and a pausing mechanism in case you need to pause the flow of water during tasks and thereby prevents wastage.

The faucet also features a Master Clean spray face which helps you keep the unit clean by preventing the accumulation of unwanted minerals. A magnetic dock ensures that the spray head is tightly held in position. Kohler is famous for all their products with jaw-dropping designs and features. No wonder they make the list of the best kitchen faucets reviews 2020.


​kraus KPF-1602

​Often we see the faucets being ruined due to the buildup of rust. The water reacts with the metal and oxidized to form rust which corrodes the surface of the metal with time and eventually the metal brittles away. This faucet by Kraus is constructed of Lead-free Brass and is resistant to rust. Therefore you do not have to worry about this faucet slowing turning to dust in due time in this stainless steel structure.

Kraus KPF-1602

Durability is ensured to the maximum and the best kitchen faucets reviews that we have studied all agree upon its strength and flexibility. A single lever is present to regulate the flow of water from the faucet. The design is unique as it has a spring style design and therefore also makes the product fit for heavy duty. A two-way diverter is also present for a smoother outflow of water. You can also have a great pre-rinse spray with the help of this faucet. Often faucets tend to drip. To prevent such a disturbance a Kerox ceramic cartridge is present. The faucet is of high performance and also has an installed Neoperl aerator. The height of the sprout and the pulldown spray head ensure maximum flexibility as well.


​delta 9113-AR-DST

​This faucet was manufactured in the UnitedStates of America. Delta is so good that they make the list time and time again. It is no wonder that anyone reading the best kitchen faucets reviews will come across them frequently. This unit can be installed in either one hole or 3, as the user’s wish. A magnet is present, Magna Tite, that ensures that the docking spray wand is held tightly in place and it does not fall or droop.

Delta 9113-AR-DST

In order to clear the buildup of waste all, you have to do is touch as there are receptors which with the signal from your fingers will easily clean up the accumulation of unwanted minerals. You can rotate the sprout 360 degrees and this makes sure you have further efficiency and control over the faucet and makes it user-friendly. Durability is maintained by the Diamond Seal technology. This means the product can last up to an approximate of about 5 million uses till it goes haywire. If that does not speak about the product’s durability, we do not know what will. The measurement of the pulldown spray wand is about 62 inches and it also provides a 20-inch reach. The water supply connection is about 3/8 inch and the minimum clearance range for the backsplash is about 1.5 inches.


​kraus kPF-2110

​Rusting can easily happen when you have a faucet made up of metal. However, this faucet by Kraus is a stainless steel structure. Constructed of Lead-free Brass, this faucet is resistant to rusting and therefore last for a long time. A single lever is present for you to regulate the flow of water quite effortlessly. The spout can be rotated in every direction in order to get full access to the sink and ensure maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Kraus KPF-2110

The pullout spray head can be secured tightly and has dual functions. A retractable hose is also present. The faucet is of high performance and is that not what most of us want in a kitchen faucet? A Kraus Ceramic Cartridge is also present to prevent dripping. A rubber nozzle prevents the accumulation of unwanted materials and helps you keep the unit clean.  With such amazing features and beautiful and elegant looks, is it surprising that Kraus would not make the list of the best kitchen faucets reviews? Definitely not. If this were a competition, Kraus would definitely stand out exactly like how it outshines the rest by being a class apart.

best kitchen faucets buying guide

Okay so with so many kitchen faucets out there in the market, how do you choose the best one? Well come to think of it, there are many things to consider. We will be naming the ones that we find are important and you may bear in mind the ones you wish to prioritize while buying the best kitchen faucet money can buy. So without further ado,

Swivel sprout- A sprout that has a limited mobility might have limited functions. It is very important that the sprout covers the whole area of your sink with water. Therefore while choosing a faucet to make sure that the sprout can be rotated in every direction for your betterment.

Type of water flow- You will not always need the same type of water flow. Different works require different needs. Therefore pick one faucet that gives you that privilege of choosing how the water will flow.

Design- Not all faucets are eye candies. But the ones we named here sure are. If you are buying a product why buy it just so it gets the job done. There is more to a product then getting the job done. One such thing is its looks. Design matters a lot and so when you are going to buy a product, make sure that the design is top notch.

Material- Most faucets are made up of metal. As a result, they may start corroding with time. It is wise to choose the on the material of your faucet. Make sure they are of stainless steel so that the metal does not rust away in due time.

Rubber nozzles- Cleaning is always a hassle. But some faucets make it easier for you. They have built-in rubber nozzles that help you get rid of the unwanted materials that accumulated and thereby help you clean easily.

FAQ for The Best Kitchen Faucets

Why do faucets rust with time?

With the buildup of moisture, the metal parts react with water in presence of oxygen and the metals get oxidized. As a result of rust forms. If you are to prevent your faucets from rusting, use a napkin to properly dry your faucet after washing them or after use.

Do all faucets have a 360-degree swivel head?

No all faucets do not. Some do and therefore be careful while choosing.

What is the benefit of having a faucet that has a 360-degree swivel head?

The advantages are numerous. But a basic advantage would be it provides you with an ease of mobility. You can turn the head in any direction you want to get the full flow of water in that certain direction.

What is the benefit of having 3 types of spray heads?

You do not always need the same type of water flow to work. At times you need to regulate the flow of water or need a different flowing system. That is when this comes in handy. For example, if you are to fill up a pot or bucket, you need a full flow of water. Therefore you should use a stream flow. In cases like those having a spray head is very efficient. As a result, a faucet with a pausing mechanism can be very useful and also saves wastage of water.

Here is the short video of the best kitchen faucets reviews 2020


All in all, a kitchen faucet is one of the vital things in a house, one of the prime household objects. So while looking for a kitchen faucet make sure it not only is capable of spraying water but is also something you can stare at for hours. While purchasing one, keep in mind about the features we discussed. Remember why you need it for most and if it will be useful for such cases. We sincerely hope this article about the best kitchen faucets reviews 2020 gave you a better insight into kitchen faucets and will help you choose your product with ease.

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