How to build a loft ladder

How To Build A Loft Ladder Like A Pro?

While making loft ladders you have to take note of every simple thing. It’s a must that you make all the measurements correctly.

In short, it’s not exactly easy to build a loft ladder.

Because everything has to be perfect so that the ladder doesn’t break or disintegrate easily.

Nevertheless, you need to follow up the below-mentioned steps to make your own ladder. So, let’s get to learn how to build a loft ladder like a pro.

How to Build a Loft Ladder?

Here, we are gonna show you how you can get success in your DIY loft ladder project.

Materials Needed 

  • Polish
  • Wireless drills
  • An extra battery
  • Deck of screws
  • Framing square
  • Pencil or Marker
  • Utility blade
  • Measuring Tape

The Process

Here’s the actual process for building a loft ladder.

Step 1: Measure the Distance from the Floor to the Loft

Calculate the distance from the ground to the loft and add 12 more inches to it. Then trim two-by-four woods with a miter saw. The woods need to be almost equal to each other to avoid any hassle.

Step 2: Join the Feet of the Ladder

Wield the radial arm saw’s blade towards the right side and join it down at around 15 degrees. Cut each end of the both two by fours. Try to remember the lengths of the woods. Remember that the two angled feet of the wood pieces are the feet of the ladder.

Step 3: Use Dado Blade

Position a 1.5 inches dado blade on the utility blade. Lift the blade on the saw at least 1 inch on top of the table.

Step 4: Evaluate the Distance of the Rungs

Measure from the sharp edge of the bottom end of both the wood pieces and pin a point at 12 inches. The first rung is completed, so move on to the next part.

Mark another point 12 inches above from the top of each of the pieces, for the top of the rung. Evaluate the distance of the points in between. Put a mark on each 12 inches to showcase each rung.

The width of each of the rung will be 1.5 inches; while the rungs are positioned on every notch, the length of every rung will be 10.5 inches. So, therefore make sure if your ladder is 8 feet, it must have 7 rungs spaced 10.5 inches apart from each rung. Be focused while making the marks and trimming the wood pieces.

Step 5: Trim the Centered-Notches

Point one of the pinned two-by-fours on the frame of the saw, with the precise mark on the front of the hedge. Switch on the saw and trim the nicks positioned at the center of each mark.

Step 6: Mark the Notches and Trim It

Move the edge of the saw to the left-hand side and then join it down at 15 degrees. Set the other two-by-four woods on the saw. Trim each of the marked notch with a sharp-edged pinned point showcasing the fence.

Later on, trim the18-inch lengths of the rest of the two-by-fours, one for every rung on the ladder.

Step 7: Glue It in

Construct the ladder on an edge. Position the marked pieces upfront to the two sawhorses. Use the wood glue to stick the notches. Place the 18-inch two-by-fours inside one of the marked two-by-fours to create one half of the ladder. Fit the other notched two-by-four on the peak of the rungs, fit each of the ends of the rungs in the equivalent notches on the loftiest two-by-four.

Step 8: Fasten the Body of the Ladder

Put the fasteners over the body, changing them from one side to another. Put the structure plane over the sawhorses. Drill two evenly spaced holes in both pieces for each bar. Use a drill or driver with an approximation of 3/16-inch bit.

Step 9: Screw the Holes with a Screwdriver 

Put 3-inches of screws on every holes that were drilled. Use a screwdriver or a driller to drive them in and fix the holes. Wait for a couple of hours for the glue to dry and then you can remove the joints or braces.

Step 10: Polish the Ladder to Perfection

Sand your ladder down and tint it using wood varnish. It will give your ladder a more shiny and smooth finish. This process will keep your ladder safe as it will not decay or rust.

Therefore, if you follow up these procedures with all the safety precautions, you can easily make your DIY loft ladder without any issues.

Safety Precautions

Here are some safety precautions that you should take.

  • Safety Goggles

It is necessary to wear safety goggles while the loft ladder plans or sanding because the dust of the wood might affect your eyesight.

  • Gloves

There is a higher chance of getting bruises while trimming the wood lofts, or smut might harm your skin.

  • Mask

Try to cover up your mouth with a cloth or wear mask before gluing the wood and before trimming the larks.


Now that you are done reading the whole article, you should not be facing any major issue while creating your own ladder.

There might be certain setbacks but it’s a part of learning. All you need is patience and proper attention to the task.

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