How To Clean A Granite Sink

How To Clean A Granite Sink In Simple Steps – The Best Method

The granite sink is a popular type of sink for the kitchen because of the material. If you don’t know how to clean a granite sink, then learn it fast. Granite sink may be a solid and durable sink for your kitchen but requires proper maintenance. It hardly cracks, but don’t easily chip or dent. After getting faded or dirty, it’s easy to clean. It also needs less effort for cleaning than other materials of the kitchen sink.

This sink is perfect for your countertop, backsplashes or fireplace.  If you buy a granite sink that means you must keep it clean. So, it's a job that should be done after a specific period of time. So, get ready to know the tips and techniques for cleaning granite sink easily with your home remedies.

List of Essential Cleaning Materials

The granite sink is a durable and better material. Every type of material needs proper care to keep it more functional. So, you cannot keep your granite sink out of the list. There are basically two types of granite sink available.

  • Natural Granite Sink
  • Granite Composite Sink

But cleaning both types of granite sink is the same. Yes, you will notice some stain from hard water. It’s not a big deal, but caring for granite sink is a must. Before proceeding, you should know about the remedies and chemical that doesn’t damage the surface. For the cleaning, you also need a few ingredients. The great news is all these remedies available in your kitchen. Here is the basic list of the remedies.

  • Soft scouring pad
  • Soft cloth
  • Lukewarm water
  • White Vinegar
  • Spray bottle
  • Mild detergent
  • Baking soda
  • Rubber gloves

How to clean a granite sink without any pro help?

There are a few basic things you need to deal with. First of all, you need to remove hard water stains and stubborn stains. After the cleaning, the sink needs regular maintenance. This method also helps you to know how to sanitize a granite sink.

Step 1: Use The Detergent

You need some detergent to clean the granite sink. That means you need protection. You can take the rubber gloves and put them on your hand. The detergent and cleaning agent can harm your sink badly. Now take some warm water and mild detergent as well. It will clean the surface effectively.

Take a nylon brush to remove grime and dirt. A soft scouring pad is also suitable for this job. Rub it smoothly and clean it. To get the best result, rub the entire sink for a while. Clean the spot where the dirt is jammed. And also clean those deep places where the mineral gets stuffed. You must clean them carefully. After cleaning take some warm water and rinse the sink with it.

Step 2: How To Remove Limescale From Stone Sink

Now get ready to deal with limescale. In every granite sink, limescale build-up easily. It directly affects the sink to lose the luster. But the great news is Limescale does not damage the sink. Over time the attraction of the sink decreases tremendously. The culprit behind this problem is limescale.

When the mineral content in water is high enough, then limescale grows. It’s not a hard job to clean it. You can mix warm water and white vinegar properly. The combination is a better and simpler solution. This solution helps to clean the limescale.

Take a spray bottle to spray the mix on the spot. Once you’ve sprayed on the spot you should wait a bit. Let the solution rest for 10 to 15 minutes to work properly. Use a soft cloth to rub the spot to loosen the dirt. Ensure that all the dirt and limescale cleared perfectly.

Step 3: Clean all the stain

Another common problem of kitchen sink is stain. Even in the granite sink, this problem is very common. It occurs with the period of usage. The more you use a sink, the more likely it can be caused by stain. You will notice some spots after a long period of uses. But the bitter truth is, this stain is highly noticeable. To remove stain from your granite sink there is no better solution without baking soda. Take some water and baking soda to mix. Make a paste with the mix.

Ensure that the paste is thick enough. Identify the spot and apply the paste on it. Take a soft cloth and scrub the affected area gently. So, now wait for 10 minutes to let the mixture work. Use normal water to clean the sink. Now, there will be no stain you will find on the surface of the sink.

Step 4: Dry it perfectly

You have to also be careful to dry the sink perfectly after cleaning. First of all you should wipe the whole sink using a soft cloth. If you don’t dry it perfectly, then you cannot get the fresh look of the sink. You never should leave any vessels on or around the sink. This is also another reason to grow limescale.

Everyday tips to Care and maintenance Granite Composite Sink

Cleaning the sink is not the last thing to keep your granites sink functional. You’ve to follow consistent steps to keep the sink clean and glossy.

  • After every use, dry the sink perfectly. Since the water never goes away completely from the sink.  So, keeping the sink dry will keep your sink stain-free.
  • Don’t let the water stand for a long time. This is important when there is a high mineral content in water, especially in your area.
  • If you are approaching to clean the sink with steel wool or metal pads then avoid it. These are rough materials and can cause stain on the sink. As a result, it will become less attractive to be looked at and end up making your home look dull.
  • Doesn’t use the bleach to clean the granite sink. It will damage the color and ruin the appearance.
  • If possible, clean the sink every day with warm water and detergent. Dirt, mineral, grime cannot build up because of this cleaning method.

Final Verdict

When you know the steps and procedures it will be easier to clean a granite sink. If you follow these steps at least once in a week, then cleanliness will last for a long time. To make it shine and clean there is no alternative without proper maintenance. The cleaning sink is important to change the whole environment of the kitchen.

The granite sink is always in its peak for its classy and elegant look. To keep the glamour intact, cleaning is a compulsory task. Treat the granite sink as the natural stone. Using the best granite sink means you have to tackle tough stains and hard water. So, clean it perfectly.

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