How To Install A Single Handle Shower Faucet?

How to Install a Single Handle Shower Faucet

Single handle shower faucets are the most common type of shower faucets used globally. Here we gonna write an article about how to install a single handle shower faucet. A traditional faucet requires two different levers to control the flow of hot and cold water whereas a single-handle faucet gives you control over the shower in a single handle for both hot and cold water. They come in various styles and brands most importantly. If you read this article then you will know how to install a single handle shower faucet.

The different marketing method used by different manufacturers can make is a tad bit interesting to hunt for the perfect faucet– one which will also be easy to install, this is a chapter manufacturer do not bother to add along with their advertisements *sighs*. It is quite simple to install a single handle shower faucet. All you will need is a little patience for about 30 minutes. You can also read the best bathroom faucets reviews.

 How to Install a Single Handle Shower Faucet

To install a single handle shower faucet following Tools needed:

  • A unit of single-handle shower faucet of choice
  • Faucet installment kit
  • Head screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Pipe wrench
  • Safety Goggles
  • Tape measure
  • Other screwdrivers which may be required
  • Paper towels or regular towel
  • Corded drill
  • Long screwdriver

If you have this tools and follow the step you will know how to install a single handle shower faucets.

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How To Install A Single Handle Shower Faucet?

Step 1:

The most important step before installing any faucet is to ensure that the cavity and the pipe space is appropriately proportional. Nothing worse than buying the wrong size faucet and realizing it right when you are about to install it. Any style of the faucet may be installed but note down the measurement before going to the store. Remove the old faucet if it has not already been removed. Cut a hole for the new valve using a tile cutting tool. Mark the cutout using a marker or crayon.

Step 2:

Switch off the water supply prior to installing the shower faucet. Next, use a flat-head screwdriver to remove the plastic cap from the middle of the faucet handle. Then remove the stainless steel sleeve. Find knob’s set screw, you will find it under a cap or underneath the shower handle. Read also the best bathtub faucets reviews.

Loosen the set screw with a hex-headed wrench or head-screwdriver. Use a head screwdriver to unscrew the faucet handle. Rotate the screwdriver in both directions. Separate the handle from the faucet assembly. The U-shaped clip keeps the faucet in its place. Move the U-shaped clip. With a needle nose pliers, displace the faucet.

Step 3:

Use a pair of pliers to place the faucet into the assembly. Follow the following order to install the single-handle faucet: the faucet, U-shaped clip, stainless steel sleeve, faucet handle, and plastic cap. Put the U-shaped clip over the faucet. Place the stainless steel over the faucet, then fixate the shower faucet handle.

Tighten the screw of the faucet handle using a head screwdriver. Perform this step carefully ensuring that it is tightened properly, also make sure that the head of the screws does not get stuck. After this is completed place the plastic cap over the handle. You can also read the best kitchen faucet brands.

Step 4:

Test the faucet out for any leakage. Turn off the shower port. Both ports use 1/2-inch fittings. Turn on the water supply and test the shower valve for leakage. If any leaking occurs, turn off the water and fix the error. If any lose ends protrude, use Teflon tape to neatly tuck away those bits.

Step 5:

Safely put away any tools that you may have used and clean up the rest of the site to avoid accidents.

Here is the Short video about how to install shower faucet:


A functioning shower in the bathroom is as important as having a constant water supply for drinking. Our days usually begin with a shower and sometimes end with a shower. New homeowners may face issues with the installment of new shower faucets and also face confusions regarding which shower to install. Single handle shower faucets are the accessories of most of today’s modern homes. Also, read the best shower system.

Having a single handle to control your water temperature seems much for modernized than having two different handles for hot and cold water for your showerhead Manufacturers do not usually mention the installment guide in some countries hence they are required to summon a plumber or someone with knowledge, this comes with a price and conditions hence it is much more feasible if we keep this type of basic skills handy. As you can see installing a single-handle shower is not a very difficult task to get done. It can be done on any countertop if the instructions here are thoroughly followed. If you like this article how to install a single handle shower faucet leave a comment.

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