How to unclog kitchen sink drain pipe?

How To Unclog Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe – Don’t Clog The Plumber Just Yet

A sink is the most essential part of a kitchen. It can make you helpless when the drain of the sink is not functioning well. It can make a difference in your life when you know how to unclog kitchen sink drain pipe. It becomes a major problem when the water is backing up. Maybe you’re going to take help from a professional plumber.

This process of unclogging the sink drain pipe is the easiest one. Food particles and grease is the main culprit of this clogging problem. The good news is you can find lots of easy ways to unclog the drain in this article.

Let’s discuss it in detail.

Supplies Required To Unclog Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe

Sink clog does not make a problem when the water of the sink cleanout through the drain. Proper plunging can solve this problem easily. It is the way to clean for most clogs. As a first trick, people use hot water to unclog the drain. But according to the clog type you have to adopt different methods. 

Let’s see what kind of supplies you need to unclog the kitchen sink drain pipe.

  • Cup drain plunger
  • Pot or Tea kettle
  • Duct tape or rag
  • Sink auger (needed for stubborn clogs)
  • Bucket
  • Tongue-and-grove pliers

How To Unclog Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe- 3 Simple & Effective Ways

Is your kitchen sink drain pipe clogged? Well, it either happens occasionally or frequently but it happens with every house owner. You can call a professional but that will cost you money to make the kitchen sink unclogged.

So, here are the handiest ways to unclog the kitchen sink drain pipe without spending any money.

Using Boiling Water

As a first step, most of the people use boiling water. For many reasons the drain opening trapped. In the drain things like hair, soap residue, grease, tepid water makes obstacles easily. Using hot water, metal pipes can be cleaned easily. It helps to loosen the clog. But the water should be very hot.

When you are directly pouring the pipe with hot water then it easily dissolves the clog that against the scum of soap and grease. For the first time, you just need to use hot water. If it doesn't work, then you must use boiling water. Maybe you are using water but keep it in mind about the sink type. Using boiling water is not for porcelain sink.

Some people also use plastic pipe for draining. In this case, boiling water is not the perfect solution to unclog the drain. It can soften the pipe easily. First of all, take at least a gallon of water and boil it perfectly.

Now take the water to the clogged sink. Be careful, you can burn your skin. Don't pour the water at a time. Pour the water slowly into the drain. I hope your drain will be unclogged easily.

Using a Drain Plunger

Using a plunger to unclog the drain is not the last thing. You have to know the types. The cup plunger and flange plunger are the types that are available for plunging. Cup plunger used for the sink, showers, and tubs. Lift the removable basket strainer out from the kitchen sink. Now get the bowl filled with water and fill several inches of it. It is important for tightening the seal. The surface around the drain needs to be sealed.

Set the cup plunger up over the opening of the drain. Now you have to apply some technique with the plunge. For clearing the obstacles you have to plunge sharply and quickly along with plunging up and down. Now open the faucet and keep it running for a few minutes. It will clear the drain perfectly. It will be better if you install a new drain stopper or sink basket. Before you do it, remove the overflow outlet seal.

Using a Sink Auger

To unclog the stubborn clogs you need to use a sink auger. You have to adopt this method if the plunger did not clear the clog. This sink auger is also known as a drum or canister auger. As a first step take the drain stopper out.  Push the auger cable through the drain opener and do it until it bumps up against any clog.

Tighten the setscrew on the auger canister after pulling out the cable 12 inches more. To apply some pressure on the cable, turn the crank handle of auger clockwise. It will be stuck on the clog and break up it. If you need, then extend the cable, especially when the clog is in the trap.

Now pull out the cable. You will find the clog at the end of the cable. To make it more smooth, you can repeat the process as much as you need. Now take some hot water and flush it. Your drain will be clear soon.

Reasons Behind The Sinks Clog

When we are using the sink, then we aren’t mindful to use it perfectly. Maybe we don't know that we throw lots of stuff down in the drain. This is the main reason for the clogged drain. Sink drain cannot accept everything you are throwing down. Eggshells to kitchen oils, everything can make clogs. People also dump the coffee grounds that also make a clog in the sink drain.

Grease also another factor for the clogged drain. Even the hot water cannot remove it perfectly. It just slows the process down. It will make access harder for the water in the future. But the good news is, most of the clog is easily removable. We suggest not overload the garbage disposal. Try to keep avoid to throw down pasta, potatoes, rice, celery, corns husks, foods high in fiber, etc. Even toilet paper in the sink drain can make a clog.

Necessary Tips On The Chemical Drain Cleaners

Some people look for the chemical solution to unclog the sink drain. But it's not a wise way to solve this problem. These types of chemicals are not eco-friendly. Even it can damage your sink and the drain as well.

Without proper handling, it can be dangerous to use. For the stubborn clog, the chemical solution does not work properly. Be careful about these types of chemical, because when it fails, it left toxic that need to clear properly.


Final Words

There is no difference if you buy a stainless steel sink or a sink of other material. You have to face the drain clog problem for sure. You may have a clogged kitchen sink with sitting water. So, facing the clogging problem is common. The better solution to solve this problem is treating your sink with respect. But it's hard to be careful all the time when we are using the sink.

This is an irritating problem, especially when you are about to wash all the dishes. It is also inevitable for any home. Proper attention to solving this problem is the best way to make you comfortable to use the sink. Try to apply all the methods I've discussed earlier. You don’t need to call any professional plumber at all.

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